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Frequently Asked Questions


PD: This page speek English & Indonesian Only.

What is Mukubox.com?
Mikubox is an website focused on Sharing about Vocaloid (Vocaloid Music, Vocaloid Software, Vocaloid Voicebank ) for FREE.
Founded in March 17, 2015 by Mikubox AKA KecapManis
*now with ads to keep this site running.

How unzip files?
Some files are decompressed with winrar , winzip or 7zip .

Where link to Vocaloid Content?
Here see tutorial pictsearch-vocaloid-mikubox

The password does not work?
Write the password do not copy and paste

The link does not work ? You can fix the link?
Yeah…see tutorial in this pictsearch-faq-mikubox

*All files from our site always in RAR / ZIP / 7Z extensions ONLY. (beware if you download other extension)

in here

im alone
#yeah I’m fu*king SPARTAN…

update on : December 24, 2018

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